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"I never really knew what to wear when it came to 'smart casual'. My stylist helped explain what's best and picked me out a great selection of shirts and jeans. I haven't been stuck on what to wear since."


Notes from our stylist

"We get that the amount of clothes you have to search online can either be overwhelming, or way too time consuming. We are here to save you the time, give advice and help you find a style suited to you."

Online Personal Stylist for Men

Tired of your current look? Looking to really find a style that suits you? Then great news, you've found the right place to do just that. This free online personal stylist service for men aims to help all men find a style that suits them, on a budget they can afford and with minimal effort.

Our company ethos of #StyleMadeEasy couldn't ring more true than in this section of our site. The whole process is done in three super simple steps, you can try what you want on for free and send back anything you don’t want free of charge. That means there’s no risk of ending up with clothing that doesn't suit or fit you and you help us to truly understand what you're looking for as we keep note of everything you keep and send back.

You'll receive your own stylist, after you've asked a few simple questions about your own wardrobe choices, who will then ask a few more catered questions to greater understand what it is you're looking for. There's a reason thousands of men are taking to this service. It’s stress free, takes no effort on your part and produces great results.

What do Stylists Do?

Our stylists will take on board everything you tell them to make sure the clothing they pick for you is both stylish but also caters for your needs. Whether that be a new suit for work, outfit suggestions for a weekend away or a complete wardrobe overhaul, they’ll cater their service to your needs.

Your personal stylist is there to not only make sure you’re trying new things but also to make sure you’re comfortable in what you’re wearing. That’s why we strive to strike up a relationship with you so we understand what you’re up to usually and the clothing we pick would really fit in with your way of life. Personal styling isn’t just chucking clothes at people, it’s understanding who you are as a person and tailoring your clothing to suit you.

Online Personal Stylist - The Benefits

There are plenty of benefits to using an online personal stylist rather than using one in person, most of which are based around time and ease of use. By using an online personal stylist, all the hard work can be done without you being there, there’s no bags full of clothes to carry around after and an online store has a significantly larger collection of clothing to choose from.

The Idle Man’s personal stylist also has the benefit of choosing from the best brands in the market. All other online personal stylist services use discounted and last season clothing, meaning you’re being sent clothing that is either out of fashion or couldn’t be sold when it first came out. Our personal stylists are in the fortunate position of sending you brands like Levi’s, Edwin, Carhartt, WoodWood, Farah, Vans, Converse, ASICS and The North Face, to name just a few. We’re also vastly more affordable compared to our competitors and have our very own label to choose from, meaning you won’t find a lot of our clothing on any other sites.

Get Your Own Personal Stylist

You will be assigned your very own personal stylist who will be your point of contact throughout the whole process, meaning they can really get to know you and offer a much more personalised service. We’re only a small company that value every customer we get so you can be rest assured that your personal stylist will be on hand no matter what time you need them.

We are also contactable in all manner of medium. If you prefer all your contact with us to be done via email then we’re easy. Similarly if you’d prefer to chat to your stylist over the phone then they will be on hand at a time that suits you. Alternatively, you can always drop us a message on social media and our team will reply to you as soon as we can.

Best Online Personal Stylist

So why are we the best online personal stylist on the internet? It’s simple really. Our brand mix is one of the strongest in the menswear market and we cater for all budgets. We also have access to our very own label which you won’t find anywhere else. This means we can give you a mixture of the best menswear brands in the world as well as pieces that no other brand has access to.

There’s a reason we’re the fastest growing menswear company in the UK, we only stock clothes we would wear ourselves and place style over fad trends.

This ethos will give you the confidence that what you’re investing in will be attracting all the right attention. That means no bootcut jeans, string vests or capes, just stylish staples that will see you through from season to season. Plus, if we send you anything that you don’t like after trying it on, you can send it back completely free of charge.

Men’s Personal Stylist

Now this may seem very obvious but one of the key benefits to our service is we’re a menswear-only store, meaning our menswear offering isn’t just an afterthought. We know men’s fashion more than any of our competitors and so we have the best understanding of what’s in style and what will be in style in the coming seasons.

This gives you the assurance that your personal stylist is an expert on menswear and men’s style is their passion. With this in mind, we’re confident we’re the best in the market for men’s personal styling. We understand men want to stick with what makes them comfortable and we all want to attract the right attention without seeming like we’re trying too hard. We’ll help you achieve this with next to no effort from yourself.

Free Personal Stylist

That’s right. Our personal stylist service is completely free of charge. All we ask is for is a £1 deposit when we send your clothes to you to try on. Then you simply pick what you want to keep and send back what you don’t. This means there’s no hidden charges and the final decision is down to you.

Plus Size Personal Stylist

Developing a style and finding clothes that fit your body shape can be a real challenge. We cater for up to XXL clothing sizes meaning we can even find the best clothing for people of a much bigger build. We understand most men aren’t blessed with a male model’s body and we keep that in mind when we’re buying from brands and developing our own label.