Sandals & Flip-Flops

About different types and brands of Sandals & Flip-Flops

Perfect for the most casual of outings, footwear doesn’t get much simpler when it comes to flip-flops. With a simple sole and foot strap wearing flip-flops is the closest you can get to walking bare footed. Born in 1962 in Brazil, Havaianas embody the energy and passion of one of the most exciting countries in the world, keeping feet happy for 50 years with hundreds of colourful, fun designs and the highest quality rubber. There aren’t a lot of things to compare amongst flip-flops; the design and shape of the foot strap being all and only thing important. Taking that into account, Havaianas have got it correct all things considered. The rubber sole is made with extra padding for comfort with the quality of rubber ensuring that you’re not buying another pair next year.


How to wear and style Sandals & Flip-Flops

For the average man flip-flops aren’t an everyday thing, with the beat of the derby shoe being the norm for those living the city life. The life of the flip-flop tends to be sitting in an empty suitcase waiting to be released after a period of solitude. But when it’s time to pack for a trip to a hot climate with a beach and pool, flip-flops and sandals should be the first choice of footwear. When something is so easy to slip on and slip off it becomes the ideal footwear for around the pool for those impromptu dives into the water. But whether you’re spending the summer on a lads holiday in Ibiza or ‘finding yourself’ along the coasts of Thailand, Havaianas are the best thing for your feet.