Boat Shoes

About different types and brands of Boat Shoes

Men’s boat shoes are a classic piece of foot wear, with their design rooted in history and practicality, and their uses changing throughout the years. The 3-eye boat shoes from Timberland differ slightly from the traditional design of the boat shoe, so they’re a good option if you’re looking for something a little different and bolder. For a softer, flatter heel, G.H. Bass & Co. deck shoe would be the best choice as they have a more slim lined shape. For a fail-safe option when purchasing a boat shoe then Sperry's collection is the best option. Sperry are the creators of the boat shoe so they know what is required to make the traditional boat shoe. With so many things to look at when picking a boat shoe, picking a colour shouldn’t be too difficult with boat shoes coming in typical leather shoe colours like tan, brown, navy and black, and able to match with a variety of looks. 


How to wear and style Boat Shoes

The boat shoe was born back in the 1930’s, and is now one of the top players in the casual footwear game. Officially recognised as the shoe of the preppy look, the boat shoe carriers both comfort and style, so if you’re off to an events and your plimsolls and brogues won’t do, then boat shoes are your solution. One style tip when wearing these - make sure your trouser length is perfect or even a fraction shorter than average. Due to the very flat nature of the shoes, long trousers will ruin the look and ultimately the hems of the trousers will be ruined, as they will get caught under the heel more often than not.