Care Products

About different types and brands of Care products  

We’ve all had a tough stain on our latest pair of trainers or jeans that’s just refused to budge. Garment care products saturate the market, all claiming to remove this stain and that smudge while making your clothes smell like a field of roses on a summer day. With our care products we get back to basics, and offer you the best products from brands that know what they’re talking about. Mr Black provides you with an alternative way of washing jeans without the worry of shrinkage or colour running. A quick spray is all you need to clean and refresh your denim. They also offer shoe brushes and sprays to remove even the toughest stains from the most fragile materials. 


Crep Protect is the brand to go for if you’re looking for the best in shoe protection. With their shoe cleaning kits you can easily get your kicks in box fresh condition, and their shoe care spray ensures that any dirt that tries to cling to your footwear is repelled, protecting suede shoes and trainers alike. Everything you need is there to ensure your footwear stays in perfect condition and lasts for years to come.