About different types and brands of Men's Shorts

When summer hits and jeans are sweltering, chinos are sweat inducing, and you feel hot just looking at a pair of joggers, shorts can end up being your one and only saviour. Despite the fact that they can get a bit of a bad rep, men's shorts worn properly can really elevate your look and help you achieve a perfect laid back summer look. The best shorts tend to reach the knee or just above it, keeping you cool but avoiding the swim shorts look. Try a pair of twill, chino shorts and see how lightweight and comfortable they are, as well as how easy they are to match with smarter looking apparel like Oxford shirts. You can easily grab a pair from brands like Farah, The Idle Man, and Dickies, for a price that won’t leave you reeling.

If twill isn’t your thing, go for classic denim shorts in a slim fit design. Brands like Levi's, that excel in denim wear, offer a range of colour choices, but a light blue denim can help give a nice summery vibe to your look. Having a few different options to pick and choose from can help liven up your wardrobe and keep you well dressed throughout the spring and summer months.


How to wear and style Men's Shorts

There’s a number of ways you can style a good pair of shorts, from preppy looks to more alternative vibes, and as long as your men's shorts aren’t hitched up around your thighs, you’ll end up looking good. One simple outfit, that gives a casual look with a smart edge, is to match a pair of navy or beige chino shorts with a long or short sleeved white shirt. Finish off with some boat shoes or plain white plimsolls for a stylish, put together look. For something that leans more heavily towards the laid back look, get yourself a slim fit pair of denim men's shorts and pair them with a short sleeved patterned t-shirt. A simple pattern like stripes give your outfit a boost without going overboard, and will allow you to easily slip on whatever shoes you fancy, from coloured Converse to flip flops. In general it’s best to keep an outfit that’s based around men's shorts fairly simple, as the men's shorts are stand out enough as it is. Give your outfit some interest with accessories instead, such as sunglasses or simple jewellery, and you’ll find you look perfectly stylish without too much effort.