Polo Shirts

About different types and brands of Men's Polo Shirts

Men's polo shirts have moved from the tennis courts of the 19th century to the wardrobes of men from all over the world. Even Bond has sported a few of these casual pieces, and with the surprising range of styles to go for, it’s not too hard to see why. If you’re going for a summer appropriate polo then you can easily find a range in neutral whites and greys, as well as light pastel colours, all in the traditional short sleeved design. The Idle Man has a range of polo shirts in a variety of colours, making it easy to grab a few to mix and match as you like. If you’re looking for traditional styles from a historic brand, Lacoste are the masters of the men's polo shirts, and along with short sleeved styles they offer the less traditional long sleeve designs, which can easily be layered up for winter days. A lot of polos are fairly slim fit, with the sleeves coming in close around the arms, so for a looser, yet still refined fit, try Farah, whose clean and relaxed shapes offer an alternative look to the traditional fit.


How to wear and style Men's Polo Shirts

If you’re wondering how to style these historic tops, fear not - it’s easy to do. For a simple look opt for a clean, un-intrusive colour like white or light blue, then pair it with some slim men's chinos, making sure that your men's polo shirts is long enough to cover your waistband. Give it a preppy finish with some simple loafers or boat shoes, or keep things relaxed with some slim trainers. If this seems a little dull then bright coloured polos are always a popular option, but it’s important to get a clean, fitted design, as brightly coloured pieces will show off any ill fits, and a slim fit, no matter what shape you are, is always more flattering. Match this with your favourite pair of men's jeans and you’ve got yourself an easy summer outfit that avoids the preppy look. Men's polo shirts are ideal for summer days, so invest in a few good pieces and colours and you’ll have your casual wear sorted.