About different types and brands of Men's Joggers

Men's joggers have evolved from being simply comfortable and practical sportswear, to being a casual part of everyday menswear. With their variety of sizes, fits and materials you can easily incorporate a good pair of jogging pants into a number of outfits with relative ease. Basic men's joggers come in a thick cotton and have a loose fit shape with a tapered leg, enabling the wearer to move around with maximum comfort. The Idle Man offer comfortable versatile tracksuit bottoms in a breathable cotton, allowing you to do everything in your men's joggers, from lounging on the sofa, to running for the bus. Sweatpants can also come in slim fits designs to give a less relaxed and laid back look look, and this is great for creating more put together looks. Choosing a pair in a thicker cotton can take it further away from the overly casual vibe, so try out brands like Dickies, who slimmer fit, versatile joggers in both plain and patterned designs, giving you the option to dress them up in more vibrant and dynamic looks.

How to wear and style Men's Joggers

There aren’t too many smart men's joggers on the market, but there are ways you can dress up a pair of slim fit ones to match with a more smart-casual outfit. Keep things minimal with a pair of tough cotton joggers in a neutral colour like black or navy. As long as the fit is on the skinny side you’ll be able to pair it with something like an oxford shirt without the pieces clashing. Then just finish off with something like a pair of loafers or boat shoes to keep the outfit understated yet put together. For a less structured look go for a pair of patterned joggers and match them with anything from a long line t-shirt to a short sleeved shirt. If you’re going for bold colours, try to keep the focus on your joggers to keep the contrast to a minimum. Slip on or lace up plimsolls are great to pair with men's joggers for casual looks, as they’re slim lined enough work with the tapered leg, and are easily one of the most versatile shoes around, meaning they match with whatever style of joggers you choose to wear. Although you might not end up wearing joggers to work, they're still surprisingly easy to merge with a number of outfits, so experiment with the comfortable leg wear and see what look best suits you.