About different types and brands of Men's Sunglasses  

Men's sunglasses are a staple part of men’s fashion, and with their range of shapes and styles, there’s a pair to suit everyone. With our range of men’s sunglasses brands, including Persol and Ray-Ban, there’ options for everyone, suiting all budgets and personalities. Men’s round sunglasses have a clean yet bold look that can give any outfit an alternative vibe. Tortoiseshell sunglasses look great in the bold round design and give a twist to a traditional style. If you’re looking for a versatile shape for your men’s shades, try out the classic wayfarer sunglasses, made famous by our top selling brand Ray-Ban

For a bolder look take inspiration from the military with some traditional aviator sunglasses for men, getting some extra bang for your buck with added UV protection. Polarized sunglasses for men can also help to protect your eyes while giving your shades a stylish finish and are a great option if you’re looking for men’s sunglasses that have a distinctive edge.