Caps & Hats

About different types and brands of Caps & Hats

From snapbacks to baseball caps, hats are a big part of men’s fashion and are an easy way to change up the look of your outfits. A Carhartt WIP or Wood Wood minimalist beanie can add a casual twist to a simple outfit, hide a bad hair day, all while being versatile enough to blend into more unique looks. For a classic skater edge, a neutral coloured baseball cap from a brand like Herschel is the perfect choice and can be worn with a range of casual outfits, especially in the summer months. For something a little more vibrant Huf offers a collection of patterned caps that can be thrown on to add some colour to a neutral look. With so many hats and caps to choose from you’ll easily find one that easily mixes style and practicality together.


How to wear and style Caps & Hats

Unless you suffer from an enormous or ultra small head, then getting a hat isn’t too difficult. It’s the task of matching it with the rest of your outfit that can be a little trickier, and with so many ways to wear one, where are you supposed to start? In general caps and beanies are best reserved for casual looks, so avoid pulling one on when you’re donning a suit. However you can achieve a smart casual look with a neutral coloured beanie if you make sure it’s close fitting and doesn’t sit too high up on the head. Simply pair it with some slim fit chinos, a shirt and a long overcoat and you’ve got yourself a winter outfit that’s perfect for that commute to work. For an easy casual look bucket hats are key, and can be paired with well defined cuts, such as a slim fit bomber jacket and some cropped chinos, for an alternative, clean finish. Whether you’re rocking a patterned baseball cap or a simple beanie, hats and caps are ideal at complementing an outfit in an easy, effortless way.