About Timberland

Producing some of the most hard wearing, reliable and historic shoes around, Timberland has gained worldwide acclaim from its premium quality wear that ranges from hiking boots to classic boat shoes. Popular with everyone from hip hop artists to hipster cafe owners, Timberland is the brand that’s for everyone, and defies trends, hard-lined fashion subcultures and income. 


History of Timberland

Timberland started in the 1950s in Abington, Massachusetts, under the name of the Abington Shoe Company. It was soon bought by Nathan Swartz who began producing private label shoes for various manufacturers. In 1965 that the Swartz family came up with the revolutionary injection-moulding technology, which helped create fully waterproof shoes, and which has become a huge part of Timberland manufacturing. It wasn’t until the 1970s however that the Abington Shoe Company finally took on the name of Timberland, and the first fully waterproof boat shoes was crafted and sold by them. Over the years their collection has grown, and they’ve collaborated with various brands and artists such has Supreme, Billionaire Boys Club and Jeff Staple. With their iconic designs and unbeatable quality they’ve won various awards over the years and have gained a loyal fan base. 


Products from Timberland

For boots that will last you a lifetime, while keeping your feet as comfortable as they can be, try a pair of Timberland boots. Whether you choose the traditional 6 inch boots, or the more modern Euro Hiker designs, you’ll have yourself a pair of shoes that will last you your whole life, and probably your grandkids too. For men's shoes that are a little more suited for the summer months, then boat shoes are a good option, and luckily Timberland make a range, from chunky soled designs in a light tan colour, to slimmer formed pieces in versatile colours like navy and brown.