About Superga 

The product of Italian design and creativity; Superga has established itself as one of the best brands for high quality casual sports footwear, available at affordable prices. Their trainers are classics, with their production of breathable cotton plimsolls for the casual players of the 20th century. Superga diversified its collection to expand the brand, and now pride themselves in creating trend defying shoes that are designed to age well and still look fashionable years on. The 2750 trainers are a glowing example of their timeless style, as they remain the showpiece trainer for the brand.


History of Superga

Founded in 1911, Superga was the creation of Italian Walter Martiny. Born in Turin, Martiny started off his legacy by producing rubber-soled footwear labelled with the Superga logo. Named after a hill by the city’s Po River, Superga rapidly grew, and is now recognised as one of Europe’s most prestigious footwear companies. Fifteen years after Superga was established came the 2750 trainers, made with a soft breathable canvas and vulcanised rubber. This would grow to be the most recognised model of the Superga range and a main stay in the sneaker world. When Superga re-commenced operations after the war their aim was to make their trainers the standard shoe for the people of Italy. The 2750 plimsolls became the shoe that everyone wanted and opened the door for Superga to expand by producing technical sport shoes and rubber rain boots in a variety of colours.


Products from Superga 

The 2750 plimsolls are classic, breathable and lightweight, making them one of the popular choices for festival goers. The vulcanised rubber is able to absorb the shock from heavy impacts, making the act of walking all day less painful. The 2705 has inspired the creation of other models in the Superga footwear range like the 1705, while also helping the development of their mid tops and other low tops. Its popularity has also attracted collaborations with designers to produce limited versions of the trainers, so there’s always new and dynamic designs to choose from, along with their classics.