Spring Court

About Spring Court

Spring Court are a brand dedicated to making the complete Tennis shoe. Using various different materials, Spring Court continues to churn out some of the best quality and contemporarily popular trainers deriving from the Tennis shoe style. Tennis trainers are one of the few sports based trainers revered in the contemporary fashion world. Spring court trainers have the clean aesthetic enabling them to be matched with various clothes choices. Tennis trainers are more often than not free from the typical sports image of heavy branding, and for this reason styles brands like Spring Court and Converse have remained popular choices.


History Spring Court

Created in 1936 by George Grimmeisen, the Spring Court was established after generations of experience within the rubber industry. His grandfather built a rubber factory on the outskirts of Paris in 1870, but it wasn’t until 1936 when Grimmeisen, a huge tennis fan, invented Spring Court. Tennis shoes in the contemporary fashion world have always been designed for hard or grass surfaces – leading to the pearly white aesthetic of such designed trainers. However, Spring Court had clay in mind when they were created. With the clay surface being the most popular on mainland Europe, Spring Court quickly became a major tennis shoe for professional and amateur players.


Products from Spring Court

Since the emergence of the major sportswear brands, Spring Court has evolved from being just a Tennis shoe to a popular shoe for all occasions. Drawing direct comparisons of evolution from the Converse Chuck Taylor, Spring Court has been a mainstay in France as casual footwear. They have produced different styles of low and high tops in multiple colours and materials, making them appealing to a wide consumer pool for various occasions. From the traditional canvas to the more premium lambskin leather, Spring Court hasn’t overlooked any detail in the creation of their designs. Spring Court’s G2 canvas range is their most popular with a thick rubber midsole and top quality cotton upper. The patented iconic feature of the ventilated outsole is available on all their trainers.