About Sperry 

Sperry Top Sider has consistently delivered the perfect boat shoe – and so they should, they created them. Sperry’s shoes were initially made for boating men traversing treacherous seas, but as time has gone on they’ve been worn by some of the most stylish people in the 20th century as a staple part of their casual wear. Sperry have cemented their place in style folklore, being endorsed by the Official Preppy Handbook as the footwear symbol of classic Prep style. Worn with a pair of cream chinos and a white shirt, Sperry’s finishes off the style and is a symbolic look of the prep style.


History of Sperry

No matter how much you consider the boat shoe to be the epitome of casual and classic style, the boat shoe wasn’t crafted out of style, but out of sheer brilliance. In 1935, after being inspired by his dog’s padded feet, Paul Sperry carved grooves into rubber soles and successfully created a shoe to sustain the troubles of a slippery deck. With soldiers in the navy struggling to stand and balance with the mounting waves splashing on the deck, the U.S Navy negotiated a deal to manufacture the now aptly named boat shoe in 1939. By 1940 Sperry had cashed in on his patented product and from there the evolution of the shoe continued.


Products from Sperry

Grab yourself any pair of shoes from Sperry and you’ll have yourself a classic piece that’s perfect for a casual, preppy look. Go for a neutral look with a minimal navy design, or add some colour to your outfit with a bolder style and more accentuated detailing.