About Soulland


This Scandinavian based company has a varied approach to style; being good at the simple things and being very good at creating their more creative pieces. Just like typical Scandinavian brands their attention to detail is immaculate, predominantly focusing on neutral colours and traditional clothing like crew neck sweatshirts and spread collar shirts. Despite the brand’s design principles generally sticking to their origins, Soulland aren’t afraid to look in new directions or produce men’s clothing with a contemporary feel.  They have incorporated stripes and screenprints to their products to diverse their collection.


Like most brands, Soulland deliver their new collections every spring/summer and autumn/winter, while also delivering two pre collections every year showcasing what is to come for the season.

History of Soulland

Soulland was initially founded in 2002 but it wasn’t until 2006 that the current owners in charge took ownership. Designer Silas Adler and CEO Jacob Kampp Berliner are at the forefront of the company, taking the brand from local to an internationally recognised brand. Soulland opened up its first flagship store in its home city of Copenhagen in August 2013. This success was quickly followed with the 2014 opening of the first Soulland flagship store abroad in Bangkok.


The flagship stores are excellent landmarks for the company, but just as adeptly their website has been as impressive and equally important. Ultimately functioning as a webshop, Soulland’s website produces content on a regular basis through interviews and bulletin posts concerning cultures of interest to the Soulland team. The website, made in collaboration with E-Types, won a bronze award at Creative Circle Awards 2014.

Products from Soulland


Soulland have a collection of clothing and accessories that have a distinct individuality about each piece. Whether it’s a large screenprint on a hoodie, brand logo on a crewneck or a conceptual idea on a t-shirt, the quality remains constant throughout. The Rainbow sweatshirt is their latest product to have a standout presence. With a small logo on the chest and the same large logo on the back, this sweatshirt is a corner stone to Soulland’s branding.

With bomber jackets making a swift return to contemporary fashion every brand has created their own to try outdo each other. Soulland have definitely set a high bar with their Thomasson Bomber Jacket. It looks sleek and well constructed, following the style of the brand.