Sonic Editions

About Sonic Editions

Sonic Editions limited edition pictures are starting to appear in people’s homes everywhere. They produce high quality, fine art photographic prints at an affordable price. Whether you’re era was the 60’s or the more recent 90’s and noughties, Sonic Edition have tried to capture iconic people, landscapes and movements from the last six decades. Working with some of the world’s best photographers and picture archives, they are able to offer limited edition gallery quality music photography of the greatest musicians, film stars, cult heroes and cultural icons.


Their collection compiled of musical luminaries like Jimi Hendrix, AC/DC , Johnny Cash, The Beatles, Run DMC and The Stone Roses to name a few is complimented well by era specific photographs from Motown, Hip-Hop and NME. They have also covered famous faces from the world of Hollywood, sport and politics, totalling a plethora of images of influential genius. Using emotion, nostalgia and inspiration as a basis of their images, Sonic Editions have a whole range to appease anyone and everyone.


History of Sonic Editions

Working with a leading group of contemporary photographers, Sonic Editions have sought to collaborate with the best to provide quality photographs that capture the imagination. Iconic Editions was introduced to their range in 2011, a selection of undeniably cool prints of undeniably cool people. From Brigitte Bardot to Marlon Brando and Sean Connery to Michael Caine, Iconic Editions is a curated collection of those who are true modern cultural icons.


Products From Sonic Editions

All prints are hand printed to order and come with hand-made solid wooden frames. They are numbered and certified on the reverse and limited to 495 examples worldwide. By using the same printing techniques as fine art galleries Sonic Edition can rival many other companies in term of quality. Along with cutting out the overheads, and running slightly larger editions, they are vary rarely beaten on price.