Schott NYC

About Schott

Schott NYC is one of the original American brands, continually focused on manufacturing high quality leather jackets. Schott have been immersed in American culture for the last 100 years and are seen today as one of the great throwbacks to a bygone era of icons. Their jackets are their most popular products, particularly their leather jackets, reflecting a vintage style they actually introduced and that very few brands have been able to replicate. Their jackets can be spotted everywhere in legendary movies and on legendary people, namely Marlon Brando in The Wild One (1953). The now iconic jacket worn in that film is the Perfecto motorcycle jacket. Since then, it has turned up as a fashion piece through movements and trends throughout decades, never losing its prestige and popularity,


History of Schott

New York residents Irving and Jack Schott established Schott in 1913 with the hope of achieving the American dream. Their beginnings were as modest as can be, starting the business in their Manhattan basement and selling their products door to door in the hustling arena of New York City. However, this brought supreme success, with their leather goods being considered some of the best on the market. In 1928, Irving Schott designed and produced a pioneering jacket, changing the landscape of leather jackets, the Perfecto Motorcycle jacket. The first of its kind, it not only added style to motorcycle riders at a time when cars were rapidly becoming part of modern society, but it also reduced drag when riding a motorcycle. Then, when the world was plunged into World War II, the Schott brand was commissioned as the official supplier of bomber jackets for American Air Force pilots and thick wool peacoats for the American Marines, making them a standout brand not only for the rebellious sub-culture but military men as well. 


Products from Schott 

Both the MA-1 bomber jackets and the peacoat are still important and popular staple items in menswear. The traditional peacoat is still one of the best sellers for Schott but the resurgence of the bomber jacket in contemporary fashion in the 2010’s has boosted the popularity of Schott’s MA-1. With great inside lining and inner pockets as well as a sleeve pocket, Schott’s MA-1 bomber boasts individuality and is a great option for any style.