About Saucony

Saucony, renowned for their high performance running shoes, quality fabrics and innovative designs have set out to create designs for every one from runners to street style enthusiasts. Saucony deliver a variety of footwear choices, presenting specific features and technology on their different models of trainers, so whether it’s walking, running or trailblazing up unstable terrain, there’ll be something for any activity. During their construction Saucony focuses on the runner's foot size, type of running, arch type, and running location, all to produce a natural feel to their trainers. The technology used in the shoe from the materials to the midsole all enhances the trainers’ performance.


History of Saucony

Saucony is older than most people actually realise, opening their first factory in Pennsylvania on the banks of Saucony creek in 1898.  While the factory manufactured shoes, athletic shoes were not their forte. This was until Russian immigrant Abraham Hyde in 1910 started his shoe company, Hyde Athletic, in Massachusetts. While the two brands ran concurrently for five decades, it wasn’t until the 60’s when Hyde Athletic purchased Saucony did the brand start to really flourish. Hyde took their knowledge of athletic footwear and applied it to Saucony’s well manufactured products, and by the late 1970’s Saucony was internationally recognised as a global player in the running shoes industry.


Products from Saucony

Saucony has consistently delivered some of the best well-balanced trainers in the industry. Balancing materials and functionality, Saucony have now seen their comfortable trainers become a popular fashion choice due to their retro look.