About Ray-Ban

When it comes to sunglasses, Ray-Ban are the usually the first name that comes to mind. Their world-renowned brand has been synonymous with sunglasses for as long as anyone can remember, and their iconic sunglasses have been worn by everyone from the famed and infamous. Ray-Ban has made timeless classics from their inception, to deliver legendary men's sunglasses like the Wayfarer and Aviator, which are as popular today as they were 50 years ago.


History of Ray-Ban

Ray-Ban got its start in the military, when the US Army Air Service decided they needed something to combat the sun and the bright blues and white of the sky, as it was becoming an issue among their pilots. A few years later medical company Bausch & Lomb created aviation specific sunglasses to reduce the feeling of headaches and nausea brought on by the sky. In 1937 Bausch and Lomb patented the prototype and it became known to all as the ‘Aviator’. The Aviator was the first release by the company and within two years they started to modify the sunglasses to adapt to the various needs of different users needing anti-glare lenses. By the early 1950’s it was clear Ray-Ban was on to something with their brand of sunglasses. In 1952 they released their Wayfarer range, which became an instant hit, allowing these two styles of sunglasses alone to carry the brand all the way to the modern day.


Products from Ray-Ban

Sunglasses design was changed forever when Ray-Ban created the Original Wayfarer in 1952. The trapezoidal shape seemed to be a popular and intriguing due to the style being unmistakeable. Wayfarer is a classic of the design world and an eyewear icon.