RAINS is a no compromise, world renowned brand that has established itself as one of the main providers of wonderful waterproofs. They’re not out to wow you with spectacular patterns and textures, and instead they turn their attention to developing and manufacturing the best waterproof products available. To ensure their rainwear is modern and comfortable, RAINS have developed a light-weighted but yet strong polyester fabric with an added flexible polyouthane coating. The fabric, the fittings, zippers and trimmings are all made from materials such as polyester and stainless steel to be able to sustain wet weather. As a relatively new brand, their concept of clothing and accessories can be attributed to their rapid rise in the jackets industry. The typical Scandinavian style of clothing is evident here and show cases the best of quality rain wear. 


History of RAINS

Hailing out of Denmark, RAINS burst onto the scene and found a niche market that they have catered efficiently for. Founded in 2012, the brand soaked up the environment around them –mainly the rainy weather of Scandinavia – to create staple menswear like the raincoat. New on the scene, RAINS didn’t just go into business with a single mind and they acquired the assistance of a factory with more than 15 years rainwear clothing experience, guaranteeing their vision of quality was implemented on to their products.


Products from RAINS

The classic raincoat is something that every man will need at some point during the year, and RAINS has produced a simple solution to any downpour with their casual mac jacket. Simple in design with two hidden front pockets and adjustable hood with practical cap function, RAINS also included two vented eyelets under each armpit for ventilation for those summer downpours when it’s warm but rainy. As well as their coats, Rains has also designed a range of accessories that are water-resistant, such as their popular and stylish bags. The duffle bag is a practical bag that is going to fit all your stuff, keep it safe from showers and look pretty smart when you’re carrying it around.