Porter-Yoshida & Co.

About Porter-Yoshida & Co.

Porter-Yoshida is a Japanese based brand specialising in bags and accessories. Established as the main brand under Yoshida & Co. Ltd, Porter-Yoshida has earned their standing and popularity by producing minimalistic products that can rival other bag and accessory makers in style as well as quality. Keeping to the motto “Heart and soul into every stitch” Porter-Yoshida hand make every one of their items to produce an authentic aesthetic for their products displaying their very proud craftsmanship. They may go under the radar in Europe in general but Porter Yoshida bags have seen multiple collaborations with some of the world’s brands like Stone Island and Sony. While being largely an online presence in Europe Porter Yoshida has a large cult following in the Far East, domestically in Japan, and further out in Macau, Chinese Taipei and Hong Kong.


History of Porter-Yoshida & Co.

After being immersed in the industry of bag manufacturing from the age of 12, craftsman Kichizo Yoshida started Yoshida and Co in 1935 at the age of 29. While Yoshida were making bags they were know to be Yoshida & Co until they decided on branding their product. In 1962 Porter became the main branding of Yoshida bags and accessories, and since has become the brand for most of their core products. While the Porter collection is undeniably a unisex range, in 2009 Porter-Yoshida expanded their range to include Porter Girl, a range that is considered more feminine in style, fabric and designs.


Products from Porter-Yoshida & Co.

Tanker is Porter Yoshida’s most recognisable and popular style. It came to the fore in 1982 and has been its best selling style ever since. Seemingly inspired by the MA-1 flight jacket, Tanker continues to be their core product and the standard to what Porter Yoshida bags are made. The Tanker products– just like traditional MA-1 jackets – are constructed of mainly polyester, with three layers of nylon twill, poly cotton and nylon taffeta used to make Porter’s prestigious bags. The colours are very similar to the traditional MA-1 jackets with the colour range being only black, grey and green.