About Persol

Luxury Italian eyewear company Persol specialises in the manufacturing of some of the best sunglasses on the market. Worn by some of the world’s most famous faces, Persol’s classic sunglasses have made a name for themselves as an iconic eyewear brand throughout the decades. As well as being among the most well respected and distinguished eyewear brands in the world, it’s their continuity of adapting their vintage styles to modern ones that makes the brand so popular. Consisting of an evident display of craftsmanship, culture and dedication, Persol artistic expression results in the production of their distinct styles of sunglasses.


History of Persol

Persol founder Giuseppe Ratti started producing his first sunglasses in 1917 through his company, Berry optical. Originally the idea was for the glasses to be manufactured for sports drivers and pilots. The company, born out of Turin, Italy, catered for those who required comfort, protection and optimum vision. The development of this improved as the decades went on, enabling Persol to improve their Protector model. As the times changed, technology advanced allowing Persol to create cutting edge sunglasses They tested their lenses at high altitudes and in the desert’s extreme heat, experimenting to create things like polarised lenses to ensure it remains one of the world’s go to sunglasses.


Products From Persol

Persol’s Suprema is one of their most popular sunglasses, inspired by the distinctive and historic elements of the brand. The sunglasses can be bought with blue, green or brown lenses, offering variety to anyone who wants to find a pair for their style. The Aviator will always be a classic style of frame no matter what brand of sunglasses, but what makes Persol’s version of Aviators stand out is the thicker frames and the great design on the frame joints. A standout product from Persol is their folding sunglasses, delivered with a great style of frame and practicality.