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PS By Paul Smith

About Paul Smith


Paul Smith is the epitome of traditional British designs ‘with a twist’. His collections are comprised of relaxed tailoring, bold colour schemes and staple outerwear pieces such as macs, Harrington's and overcoats. The signature Paul Smith stripes play there part by popping up on linings and other subtle details. 


History of Paul Smith


Born and bred in Beeston, Nottinghamshire, Paul Smith left school at the age of 15 and immediately picked up work at a clothing warehouse where he would cycle to and from every day. At the time clothing was just a means to an end as he tried to pursue his dream of becoming a professional cyclist. 2 years on and a serious road accident had left his hopes in tatters. During a 6 month stint in hospital Smith became friends with people from the local art college who would introduce him to the world of art and fashion. Soon after his recovery, he joined Lincroft Kilgour on Saville Row where his designs would go on to be worn by celebrities including George Best. 


By the 1970s Smith had opened his first store in Nottingham with the help of now-wife Pauline Denyer called Paul Smith Vêtements pour Hommes. 6 years later and he was showing at Paris fashion week. Smith opened his first London store in Covent Garden in 1979 and now has over 300 hundred that stretch all the way to Japan where his label has received a cult following. 


Paul Smith was instrumental in changing the perception of the suit in the 80s, relaxing the cuts and softening the materials to make for a more informal affair. He has also been credited as single-handedly reviving the boxer short as the men's go-to underwear option, partly due to the intricate, fun designs that embellished them. Smiths brand had grown so popular that by 1993 15% of the pieces were being bought and worn by women, which at the times was quite unheard of. Being a man of the people, Smith launched his first womenswear collection in the same year which was extremely well received by the fashion world. 


Products from Paul Smith


Paul Smith has grown to the point where it now caters to men, women, children and even your homes. The brand has stayed at the forefront of British fashion for over 40 years partly down to how instantly recognisable its pieces are. If you are in the market for some signature PS then look no further than the Striped Zebra Polo shirt. A quirky twist on a timeless style, Smith has adorned his version a small zebra motif in classic Paul Smith stripes, of course.