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Only & Sons

About Only & Sons 

The balance of contemporary fashion, originality and affordability is extremely difficult to construct. More often than not originality goes out the window to conform to consumers, however, Only & Sons claim to have nailed it and we won’t disagree. Rather than looking at just producing clothing they think the consumer will buy, Only & Sons looks at the demographic of the consumer and imagines a product they think match the consumer. Their belief of their typical consumer being a free man, with laid back sense of style is reflected in their clothing. Mainly classic styles of an archetypal basic aesthetic, Only & Sons continues to deliver great items without the over abundance of eccentric designs.


History of Only & Sons

Only & Sons follows the mould of nearly every other Scandinavian based brand, creating simple clothing at affordable prices. Founded in 2013, Only & Sons may be a company still in its infancy stage but their strong grasp on the European market regarding distribution has seen them grow leaps and bounds.


Products from Only & Sons

The foundation of a good company is the way they do the simple things. Only & Sons do the simple things pretty darn well and this is reflected in their range of denim. They have plenty of denim options, both jeans and shorts, which are timeless and wont leave you thinking whether they’re not fashionable in twelve months time. Nothing reflects simplicity for the brand more than their range of t-shirts, which perfectly complement their classic jeans.