Nudie Jeans Co

About Nudie Jeans Co

Swedish clothing brand Nudie Jeans Co. deliver the naked truth about denim. They take their denim more seriously than most other companies and they believe every pair of jeans tells your story, reflects you as a person and are one of the most important items you can buy. Nudie view the wearing of jeans as an art form, providing the canvas in the form of pre-washed dry denim. Due to the quality of their denim providing reliability and durability, any ambitions of transforming raw indigo denim into a distressed individual classic can be achieved to perfection. Effortless in their style and with great attention to detail, Nudie deliver some of the best slim and skinny jeans in the world today. Not interested in short term trends; Nudie has refrained from over saturating the market with their despite their popularity, leading to a refreshing style, reserved for denim lovers as opposed to bandwagon jumpers.


History of Nudie Jeans Co

Originating in Gothenburg, Sweden, Nudie Jeans were founded in 2001 and have steadily held their place as Sweden’s most celebrated brand as well as being one of Europe’s favourite denim brands over the last decade and a half.


Products from Nudie Jeans Co  

Their classic styles of Grim Tim, Thin Finn and Slim Jim are recognised throughout Europe for their slim fit designs. They’re not only about slim fits though, as their regular leg Steady Eddie collection is just as popular whether they’re black, indigo or grey.  A stand out detail of nearly all their jeans is the stitching. Tobacco coloured threads pop out due to the contrasting colours, providing a more distinctive appearance. Although their jeans receive the most attention, their other pieces from shirts to denim jackets are hugely popular as Nudie demonstrate the same level of attention to detail throughout all their products.