About Novesta

Novesta are renowned around Europe for their high quality casual trainers and plimsolls. Specialising in natural rubber soles and cotton canvas uppers, Novesta continue to be one of the popular choices in the competitive market. While they’re not as illustrious as some rivals, the brand has a cult following throughout Europe, often preferred to others due to their inconspicuousness in a widely saturated market. The flamboyant isn’t really what Novesta look to provide; instead it’s clean and detail attentive products being delivered. The quality of their products refers to more than just materials and design, also focusing on environmental effects when manufacturing, providing a better standard of ethics.

History of Novesta

Considering it’s a global brand, Novesta was established in the extremely humble setting of a small Slovakian town, Partizánske. Dating back to the 1930’s, shoemaker Jan Antonin Bata opened his factory to produce rubber sole shoes. His company became one of the main suppliers of crude rubber shoes across Europe to designers and shoemakers. It wasn’t until 1992 Novesta as a brand was formed, turning from suppliers to a shoe company. While continuing to supply rubber, Novesta have created a brand capable to rival any other within Europe and a platform to sell in an Intercontinental market.

Products from Novesta

With thick white rubber soles and cotton canvas in a range of colours, Novesta have the perfect style of footwear to compliment any kind of outfit. Their European sensibility makes them a popular product for foreign markets. The most recognisable styles in their range are the Star Master and Star Dribble plimsolls. These plimsolls are exactly the type of style that has worked well for a lot of footwear companies through the last six decades. What sets them apart is their variety of colours varying from neutral to pastel tones. The Star Dribble is a hi-top version of the Star Master, both distinguishable from rivals via their thick laces and chrome eyelets.