Mr. Black

About Mr. Black

We’re forever told to avoid washing our expensive pair of jeans, but with dirt and stains being a part of life, how are we supposed to care for our precious denim without compromising its quality? Well, in comes Mr. Black to solve all your denim woes and keep your jeans looking sharp and smelling fresh with just a few quick spritzes. Containing the active ingredient Forestall, a biodegradable compound which neutralises odours and dispels dirt, all Mr. Black products have the ability to freshen and cleanse your denim, without relying on harsh chemicals. More of a sneaker lover? Mr. Black also has a handy shoe cleaner that works the same way as his denim spray, ensuring that your shoes stay looking and smelling box fresh, without any risk of damage. 


History of Mr. Black

Set up 2011 when denim lover Ash Black got tired of being repeatedly told not to wash his jeans, while being offered no suitable alternative. With a little help with some leading technologists, Ash developed a formula that wouldn’t interfere with the integrity of the denim, but would effectively clean and deodorise it. After the initial success of the denim spray, Ash went on to create something for the sneaker lovers as well, helping to deodorise shoes without having to use harsh cleaning products. The clean and fresh footwear and denim has helped propel Mr Black into the forefront of garment care, and never again will we suffer the pain of dirty jeans again.  


Products from Mr. Black

For shoes that are destroying plants when you walk past, a few spritzes of Mr Black Shoe Refresh will help sort out that odour, or for more drastic measures you can try out the Shoe Cleaner and Brush Set for a more intense clean. For denim you’ve got a number of options, from delicate washes that don’t strip the dye from your jeans, to refresh sprays in various sizes. Whatever your garment needs, Mr Black has the answer.