About Master-Piece


Master Piece are Japanese luggage specialist from Osaka, Japan. Priding themselves on high quality and bold aesthetic, all of their products and made in Japan. Since their birth Master Piece has continually blurred the lines between form and function to produce a truly original product.

History of Master-Piece


Started in 1994 by Taichi Fujimatsu. Master Piece aimed to re-explore the purpose behind fashion by creating something that was both highly functional as well as pleasing on the eye. With the ethos of designing ‘what you think you need to have now’, Master-Piece aim to create the most practical items possible. Everything is made with a purpose.


One of the most popular materials when manufacturing baggage is CORDURA as it durable and fairly water resistant. Master-Piece took this material to the next stage when innovating their own by tripling the thickness to create, setting themselves ahead of their competitors.


What also sets them apart is the sheer level of love and care that is given to each individual item. Master- Piece products are hand made in their factory by skilled craftsmen. This allows them to focus in on the tiniest of details which have made the brand so iconic.

Products from Master-Piece


By specialising in one type of product Master Piece has been able to perfect their craft over the past two decades. This is reassuring when investing in one of their products as you know it is going to live up to its name. One of our particular favourites at The Idle Man is the Link Backpack as its a great everyday bag. Big enough to fit your laptop in for work but not too bulky for the daily commute.