About Levi’s

With the distinct honour of being the first to make a pair of blue jeans, Levi’s has become the most popular denim company in the world. Levi’s variety of jeans are among the most well known, with their fits and styles being near perfect despite Levi’s not lauding explicably over those details. Humble and subtle, and with a successful global reputation, Levi’s manufacture quality jeans at affordable prices for all. While a lot of popular brands mainly focus on the trends, practicality seems to be at the forefront of Levi’s thoughts, with regular, skinny, slim fits and bootcuts produced every year.


History of Levi’s

The German-born Levi Strauss moved from Europe to America in 1848, arriving in New York before he made the journey to San Francisco. He made the move to the West coast in 1853 where he established a wholesale dry goods business, which led to him making his initial fortune. In 1872 Levi received a letter from one of his customers, Jacob Davis, who disclosed a new way of making durable trousers for the working class. This idea was backed and developed by Strauss and in 1873 came the world’s first pair of blue jeans. Levi’s continued to develop throughout the 20th century, jeans in the early part becoming popular at home with labour workers. It wasn’t until the 1950’s and early 60’s that jeans became a part of pop culture. This was enforced by the switching of word ‘overalls’ – which they were known by – being replaced by the word jeans. With this change, advertising and packaging of Levi’s brought them to the forefront of a new style of pants, taking them onto the global market.


Products of Levi’s

The Levi’s 501 style is the most famous of all the Levi’s styles. 501 has it’s own registered trademark due to it’s flagship association to the brand. Other popular styles are the 511 slim fit jeans and the 510 skinny fit jeans. Denim jackets, shirts and shorts are just as popular as their jeans in the modern day. French terry jackets and 501 shorts whether blue, black or stone are just two products that are favourites’ among consumers. Another product that usually sells well with jeans, the pocket t-shirts, a great compliment to jeans – clean and simple.