Levi's Vintage Clothing

About Levi’s Vintage Clothing 

Levi’s Vintage are a break away collection from the iconic brand of Levi’s, designed to keep the history of Levi’s alive with reproduced styles from their illustrious past. Inspired by embodiment more so than nostalgia, Levi’s Vintage clothing is designed with regard to the people who have made the brand popular through its varied eras of consumers. With a catalogue of products dating back to 1873, the original clothes are being redeveloped with all of its historic functionality and aesthetic while slightly adapted to become relevant to a contemporary market. While the Levi’s 501 will always be the signature piece to Levi’s, reissuing forgotten styles of the trademark style has stoked intrigue from consumers and collectors.


History of Levi’s Vintage Clothing

Moving to San Francisco in 1853 after spending his first few years in America on the East coast, Levi Strauss opened a dry goods store to initially make his name as a businessman. 1873 was the landmark year for Strauss as he developed the world’s first pair of blue jeans. Created for durability rather than comfort and style, these modest garments were the beginning of nearly a century of clothing for the working class. In the aftermath of World War II, the impact of the war ushered in a new generation of style and thought, creating sub cultures and creative new styles. In 1999 Levi’s decided to recreate their products of the past, providing limited edition pieces and promotion them under the branding of Levi’s Vintage Collection.


Products from Levi’s Vintage Clothing 

If Levi’s LVC range illustrates anything it’s that less can be more. Vintage Levi’s is exactly what it they have produced with inspiration and design drawn from their collections from the 1930’s through to the 1970’s. Vintage denim 501 jeans have wide leg fits but keeping a true to size waist. Replicating the true designs of the once original jeans, LVC have ensured the product demonstrates the era of which the jeanscame from. The 1933 version of the 501 jeans has combined belt loops with the more era appropriate suspender buttons to uphold the standards LVC are looking to create.