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Lee 101

About Lee 101

Quality denim brands are hard to come by, especially ones that cater to all styles, textures and fits. That’s probably why Lee 101 is seen as the selvedge dream when it comes to denim, and its perfect collection of simplistic, high quality men’s clothing is popular all over the world. Throughout Lee’s history the brand has designed many key features that are still used to this day, and has had a great influence over things such as work wear clothes and the overall quality of denim production. 


History of Lee 101

Henry David Lee is the name behind this iconic denim brand, but he didn’t start off intending to branch into fashion. Originally making a name for himself as a wholesale grocery distributor, and setting up his own storage company for perishable items, Lee soon became frustrated with the quality and delivery of workwear uniforms for his workers, and decided he’d do the job himself, opening up a new company to create overalls and jackets. Leaping to success with the Union-All work jumpsuit, Lee soon moved onto the more versatile denim jeans. For added convenience, Lee introduced the zipper fly, which revolutionised jean production, and made the brand the top manufacturer of workwear. It wasn’t however until the 1950s the Lee 101 took the leap into commercial wear, and soon gained huge success with their range of styles and quality denim. They now sell worldwide and have a unbeaten range of fits and finishes, ensuring that their high quality clothing suits everyone. 


Products from Lee 101 

Lee 101 has perfected the understated, high quality clothes that go with everything, are hardwearing and are effortlessly comfortable. Combining classic workwear styles with modern influences, Lee 101’s clothing line offers everything from neutral t-shirts and every kind of jean style you could ask for, to western shirts and comfortable jumpers and sweatshirts. With each piece able to easily match with another, Lee 101 creates clothing that is effortlessly stylish and with a classic masculine twist.