Larsson & Jennings

About Larsson & Jennings

Contemporary craftsmanship and style are the two things that spring to mind when purchasing a watch from Larsson and Jennings. Modern styles combining flair and precision have helped Larsson and Jennings galvanise the average man with their watch making. With a Swiss made mechanism ensuring the excellence of time keeping, and Scandinavian artistry, Larsson and Jennings’ range of affordably priced watches epitomises the idea of classic British timepieces. Their Scandinavian style primarily focuses on the attention to detail of the style of strap whether it’s metal or leather.


History of Larsson & Jennings

Larsson and Jennings was founded in 2012 by Englishman Andrew Jennings. He has stated that his first love of watches came in the form of a vintage Rolex Daytona, passed down to him by his uncle and locked away until he became of age. After a few years of working his day job in the city and posting watches to people on his lunch break, Jennings decided to take his own brand full time. 


Larsson and Jennings has a highly multicultural background. Recognised as a Swiss made, Anglo-Swedish brand they have been able to create a contemporary and minimalist watches that has all the features of a classic look. Larsson & Jennings opened its first flagship in London and their success has enabled them to open one in New York. Larsson & Jennings stockists have now surpassed 100 internationally also, with 2016 set to see a further increase of stores and retailers added to their list.


Products from Larsson & Jennings

Lugano is their most sought after style of watch. With a clean dial, 3ATM water resistant and a Swiss made watch movement, Lugano displays all the qualities a watch hailing from both Stockholm and London should be – cool, classic and casual. The 40mm Milanese strap Lugano is a great option for the everyday man, aesthetically excellent and the perfect weight for casual and professional use.