About Lacoste 

Is it a crocodile? Is it an alligator? Who knows? But you will know the brand. Lacoste are one of the most well-respected brands to have hailed from a sporting background. With the general consensus being that it’s an alligator, Lacoste logo is world-renowned in contemporary fashion as well as sport. They have divided their styles between their three main branches, Lacoste Sport, Lacoste Live and their classic original line. Lacoste’s popularity has significantly increased since the turn of the millennium, creating a more modern and fashionable product. Lacoste’s most popular product remains their historic Lacoste polo shirts, which can be found in a variety of colours.


History of Lacoste 

Lacoste is the name of the brand, and the surname of its historic founder, Rene. Rene Lacoste had already fulfilled all his dreams before the founding of his clothing company as a legendary multi-time grand slam winner and Olympic medallist in tennis. Inspired by polo players in London, Lacoste soon left the traditional long-sleeve tennis shirt behind and pioneered a new age of tennis attire, the short-sleeve polo. In 1926, while winning the third of his 10 grand slam titles, it was also the year the famous Lacoste logo made its first appearance. Inspired by his nickname, Lacoste asked his friend to design a crocodile and was first seen embroidered on Lacoste’s blazer. Lacoste as a brand made major strides in 1933 as René Lacoste and André Giller launched the Lacoste L.12.12 polo shirts. Made of a new breathable fabric and featuring the crocodile logo, the shirt was designed to be flexible and lightweight. 


Products from Lacoste

Considered to be ‘functional elegance’, the polo shirt has transcended all expectations and become a fashion staple. In all its pique fabric glory, the Lacoste polo shirt can be styled in various ways. It can be worn on a night out, as a staple to the mod style, a staple to the preppy style and also, as originally intended, sportswear. Lacoste are more than just polo shirts, showcasing other classic staples like sweatshirts. Proving to be a casual luxury brand, Lacoste remains extremely popular to a mid-price crowd and consistent in quality.