About Kinfolk 

With a lack of magazines for the young, creative professionals of the world, Kinfolk is a lifestyle magazine that takes its readers through in depth articles on art, history, travel, trends and more. With each quarterly issue focusing on a set theme, Kinfolk explores various sides of the modern world with the help of artistic contributors from around the world, all able to offer their unique perspective on different topics. Everything from the writing to the photography is in line with Kinfolk’s views on entertainment - simplistic, minimalistic and natural. 


History of Kinfolk

Founded in 2011 with the intention of being a lifestyle magazine with a difference, Kinfolk rapidly became one of the leading independent magazines for young professionals, and is produced not only for an English market, but worldwide in Japan, China and Korea. With their small editorial team and independent status, Kinfolk are able to offer an unbiased, unedited look at the issues surrounding everything from to family and friends to art and travel. Understanding the hectic pace of modern life, Kinfolk enables its readers to master the art of balancing community with work, with simple, beautifully laid out articles. 


Products from Kinfolk

Beautiful images, thoughtful articles, as well as useful tips on everything from food to interior design, Kinfolk magazines are ideal for everyone with a busy lifestyle, who wants a little time out to focus on the finer things in life. With articles on how to host the best dinner party, to tips on making time for your family and friends, even in the busiest moments, Kinfolk merges sleek, effortless imagery with clean and simplistic writing to give its readers a energising and informative magazine on the under appreciated art of entertaining.