About Huf

With a focus on the unique and fearless style of counter-cultures, Huf clothing is part of a group of brands that brings street style to the masses while still maintaining their personal edge. Their clothes revel in the lifestyle of the unusual, and their bold prints, unconventional shapes and experimental designs further prove this.


History of Huf

Huf began its journey in 1992, when its founder Keith Hufnagel took his passion for skateboarding and turned pro, allowing him to travel the world and learn more about the industry and strong sub-culture of the skating world. He soon opened a small boutique called Huf, stocking brands that best represented the skating and streetwear world, and after its rapid success decided to create his own brand. From then on Huf grew from strength to strength, evolving its style over the years, but still maintaining its core belief of skating boarding as a lifestyle rather than simply a sport.


Products from Huf 

Huf socks are probably one of the most well known pieces from the brand, with their trippy colours, vivid prints and soft material acting as the perfect combination for your well loved kicks. For something a little more out there you can choose from the variety of t-shirts and jackets that Huf has to offer, from minimalistic designs with a small, yet defined logo, to colour splashed pieces, all made from high quality materials that ensures your clothing lasts. And finally, skater clothing wouldn’t be complete without a good hat, and Huf makes sure that they provide the very best styles. Simple, well made caps act as a versatile accessory to add a boost to a neutral outfit, and, paired with the rest of the Huf clothing line, makes sure you’re looking your best while channeling the unique style of the skating community.