Homage Tees

About Homage Tees

Homage Tees have been around for only a few years although the reception they have received from both celebrity and fashion heads alike aches of a brand that been there and done that, 3 times over. Style, sports and music icons have all adorned these instantly recognisable tees from Princess Dianna to Louis Theroux.

History of Homage Tees

The history of Homage Tees is that of a short one. Having only been on the scene for a few seasons that doesn’t come as much of a surprise. Also adding to the elusive factor of the brand is the way the owners and creators of the good have kept themselves anonymous since its inception. When interviewed about this they had just a few words for us. “There’s a few people who make it all work but it’s not important. What’s important is we love to pay homage”. And homage has definitely been paid.


Originally setting up as Grime Tees, the brand capitalised on the resurgence of this music genre by featuring every big name on the scene from Wiley to Crazy Titch. Grime Tees still lives on but Homage Tees really broke these creatives into the market. The likes of Kim Jones and Skepta to name a few have draped a Homage Tee from their shoulders on more than one occasion. And I don’t see this endorsement slowing down anytime soon.

Products from Homage Tees

What makes it work so well is the selection of icons to grace the shirts. National treasures from both sides of the pond as well as cult heroes from every walk of life. There is a Homage Tee for each and every one of us out there. One that is sported most often here at The Idle Man HQ is everyone's favourite grandad, Sir David himself. Have a peek above to see the rest of the collection!