About Herschel 

With their undoubted quality, Herschel has gained a reputation that makes them the go-to bag manufacturer. Their stylish designs and contemporary styles are what make them such a popular brand, coming up with colours and ideas for their bags that their rivals just don’t think of. The Herschel Supply co. logo is a recognisable sight to anybody whose familiar with a good backpack, with Herschel’s products being made with the highest manufactured quality. Herschel are not just limited to just backpacks and bags in general though; they cover most things accessory-wise with their catalogue of products extending to hats, caps and wallets. They have made the conscious decision to attentively design everything for the everyday traveller, driven by functionality of the modern man and woman.


History of Herschel

Founded by brothers Jamie and Lyndon Cormack, the Herschel Supply Co. was named after the small town in Canada where generations of the brother’s family grew up. Herschel was open for business in 2009, and is based in Vancouver, Canada. Both brothers had ties in the fashion world, with Lyndon having represented Vans shoes, and Jamie having worked at K2 Sports. They knew how the fashion world worked and they used that to their advantage. They decided to focus on more than just design and trend but also focused on nostalgia within the history of bags.


Products from Herschel

With authentic style and great design, Herschel has produced bags for all kinds of travel occasions. Backpacks, gym bags, duffle bags, travel kit bags and even bum bags, ensure that Herschel are the first thought when it comes to travel. The Little America backpack is their marque product, with tens of thousands sold every year worldwide. What makes it popular is it’s classic mountaineering style combined with modern practicality, being the perfect size to carry your everyday essentials for work or sightseeing, and the straps give you that extra bit of security. The duffle bags is a great option for a trip away, ideal for carry-on luggage for a trip to Ibiza. Not too big and not too small, smart and stylish, the Ravine Duffle bag is what you’re looking for. If you are looking for a different type of accessory, Herschel’s Johnny Wallet is unconventional in terms of style but functions just the same as it has an interior card slot though essentially being a coin wallet.