Helly Hansen

About Helly Hansen

Helly Hansen is one of the original innovators of outdoor wear, specialising in waterproofing technologies. This Norwegian brand has been around since the turn of the 20th century and remains at the forefront of both skiing and sailing attire. Now one of the most recognisable brands in their field, Helly Hansen clothes are loved amongst streetwear heads as well as the usual outdoorsy type.

History of Helly Hansen

Helly Juell Hansen had spent most of his life at sea by the time he was 35. For his love of the ocean and due to his knowledge of what it can throw at you, along with his wife Maren Margarethe, Helly set out to produce his own apparel that would better weather the storm. His first endeavour included trousers and jackets that had been soaked in linseed oil to act as a waterproofing mechanism within the material, selling around 10,000 items within the first 5 years.


After the death of Helly Juell Hanson in 1914, the company was passed down to his son, also named Helly Hansen. Helly junior carried on in his father's footsteps by innovating new fabrics. Helox was developed in 1949 which was a form of PVC sewn between two pieces of fabric to form waterproof coats and other outerwear. Around 30,000 coats where being produced each month.


During the 1970s the brand created survival suits for offshore oil workers, which was shortly followed by the arrival of HellyTech, a fabric that would let water vapour out whilst stopping it from entering. Helly Hansen started to gain a cult following in the North in the 90s, becoming extremely popular with the hip-hop crowd, leading to it being stocked in sports shops a well as your usual hiking stores.

Products from Helly Hansen

Due to Helly Hansen's extremely influential history of waterproofing technologies, this feels like the perfect place to start when exploring the brand's vast catalogue of products. Their sailing range of coats is both fashionable and functional which makes it perfect for at sea, in the park or down the boozer.