About Grenson

Grenson are one of the most recognisable British footwear brands. Classic and heritage will instantly come to mind when you look at Grenson shoes, displaying all of their 150 years knowledge of shoemaking. Renowned for creating the classic British footwear style, the brogue, Grenson have made a fine art of creating their core product in different styles, in a different way – but with the same uncompromising process. The quality of Grenson footwear has never been in question as they’re strong as well as aesthetically accomplished – a feat, some find hard to achieve. Among some of Grenson’s most popular lines is the Dylan, perfect as a formal option, and Stanley brogue, great as a casual option. It’s not just the traditional style of brogue Grenson are famous for, the Grenson Fred brogue boot is arguably the most popular product they produce.


History of Grenson

Starting out in a loft above a corn merchant in Northamptonshire, England, William Green started his shoe business in 1866. Machinery had not been invented at this time so the hand making process made every pair of shoes unique. With the introduction of machinery in 1874, Green was able to increase production, acquiring a factory and implement the Goodyear Welted method to his shoemaking. The progression of the business grew at an exponential rate leading to Green building a state-of-the-art factory in 1895. This would be the home of Grenson for the next 118 years. The years of World War I & II saw Grenson called into action, making practical boots and shoes for the British and Allied forces. The back-end of the 20th century saw a stagnate Grenson lose out to the influx of products from the Far East. In the early part of the 21st century the company went through a creative overhaul, and now in somewhat of a renascence era, has developed into one of the stylish and trustworthy smart footwear brands on the market.


Products from Grenson

Grenson, delivering classic, contemporary and functional shoes, has mastered the brogue, a classic style worn by all types of people looking for a distinctly different style. Perfectly designed for business as well as casual, Grenson may only be well known for their brogues but their meticulous craftsmanship sees them appreciated all over the world. Every shoe they have made for the last 150 years has been made with the goodyear welting technique to ensure longer lasting wear. To enhance their already reputable standing as shoemakers they have developed three prestige methods of design applied to all their brogues. G:Zero, G:One & G:Two methods have a distinctiveness among the styles, focusing on the aesthetic of their shoes like colours, sole, stitching, eyelets and laces.