Good News

About Good News 

Good News are a British contemporary footwear brand with an organic approach. Clean styling and the use of bold colour plays a big role in both their designs and overall brand ethos. Baseball pin stripes and thick, plush corduroy feature heavily in the product range alongside technical fly-knit; creating fresh and iconic unisex styles.


History of Good News

Good News was founded in London in 2016 by Ben Tattersall and Nia Jones. The footwear brand pride themselves on doing exactly what their name suggests, bringing good news to the world. Be it ethical product monitoring and closely managing the supply chain to collaborating with charities and partners. Good News have put these values at the forefront of their brand since its inception in 2016.


Good News are also a part of Good Luck Shoes; a collective of shoe designers, photographer and graphic designers from London and Milan. The initiative is to help with the migrant situation in Europe, particularly Italy, by donating shoes to those who have none. 


Having only been in business for just over a year Good News are growing at a rapid rate. With 8 stockists in the UK already as well as shop space in Paris, Milan, Sydney and Tokyo, they don’t seem like slowing down any time soon.


Products from Good News


Each iconic piece is named after a traditional baseball term. ‘RHUBARB’ is a term used to describe a baseball brawl, ‘HURLER’ the fast pitch, ‘CHOPPER’ a ball hit low, ‘BABE’ after legendary Babe Ruth and ‘SLUGGER’ after the ball is hit out of the park. HURLER is a traditional baseball stripe, which comes in white, black, pink and electric blue striped canvas with a natural rubber sole. One of our favourites here at The Idle Man, the BABE; is a cotton canvas and nylon mix combining vibrant multi-coloured tones.