G.H. Bass & Co.

About G.H. Bass & Co

It’s hard to find a shoe brand that has both a rich history and an undisputed reputation for high quality and design. With their production technique formed and perfected over the century and a half they’ve been running, G.H Bass & Co have held on to the traditional side of their business while embracing modern advancements, ensuring their footwear is the best it can possibly be. Tailored, slim-lined, meticulously designed and effortlessly versatile, Bass & Co offer an eclectic range of footwear that’s ideal for any man wanting high quality shoes with a sophisticated personality. 


History of G.H. Bass & Co

G.H. Bass & Co gained its iconic name in 1879, when George Henry Bass took over E.P.Packard & Co and began his on site creations. Between 1906 and 1910 Bass & Co created various new designs based on the traditional moccasins, before designing more functional boots for the government, named the Aviation Boot. However it wasn’t until 1936 that Bass & Co really made history with the creation of its original design, the ‘weejuns’ penny loafers, which is still a highly popular design today, and something that’s gathered its own historical influence and status. With business still booming today, G.H. Bass & Co’s reputation has continued on untarnished, with their high quality, clean and sophisticated designs gaining critical acclaim from all over the world. 


Products from G.H. Bass & Co

If you’re looking for loafers, G.H. Bass & Co is the place for them. With over a century spent on perfecting the processes, designs and materials used on their footwear, it’s no wonder that Bass are the best around when it comes to long lasting, stylish and comfortable loafers. Try out a Bass & Co original, the penny loafer, for a slick, versatile piece that’s perfect for formal wear. For a more casual look try out a tassel loafer in a rich brown leather, pairing it with a pair of slim fit jeans for a relaxed, balanced look. Whatever look you’re after, you’re bound to find the perfect pair of shoes from this traditional and high quality brand.