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Fred Perry

About Fred Perry

Fred Perry was the British son of a Stockport Cotton Spinner who went on to become world table tennis champion at 19, before turning his hand to lawn tennis and winning Wimbledon three years in a row. Described as the best-dressed player on the circuit at the time, and with his father's clothing background, it was only a matter of time before Perry decided to turn his hand once more. This time towards the world of fashion.


History of Fred Perry

The first Fred Perry polo was produced in 1952, designed by Fred himself with practicality and wearability in mind. Made in Leicester, England, it was an all white affair with the now iconic blue laurel wreath logo, taken from Wimbledon's original symbol.


The M12 was the second iteration to come out of the Fred Perry catalogue. A very similar take on the original, accept now featuring twin-tipped (2 lines of colour running adjacently along the) collar and cuffs. Legend has it that a buyer from the main sportswear retailer of time, Lillywhites, requested unique colour schemes reflecting that of the respected football teams. This was a huge turning point for the brand as it saw its clothing being worn less on the court and more on the terraces. This was the shirt that took Fred Perry from sportswear to streetwear.


Fred Perry has played a major role in so many different subcultures since the 50s and the polo shirt has been at the heart of that. Whether matched with acid wash jeans or a Stone Island Anorak, Fred Perry has never felt out of place.

Products from Fred Perry


Although the polo shirts such as the M2 and M12 are what gave Fred Perry its name. The way the brand adapted its silhouettes, materials and colour schemes throughout the years has kept Fred Perry so relevant. Long sleeve knit variations have become a hit as the colder months roll in as they keep the same traditional aesthetic whilst serving a colder purpose. Zips have replaced buttons on some of the newer shirts, adding a modern twist to a classic.