Fila Black Line

About Fila

Fila continue to be a familiar name on the market, consolidating their place as one of the world’s largest sportswear manufacturing companies. Others may dominate the sportswear market but Fila have consistently produced for and endorsed some of the world’s biggest sports stars and teams. Although their focus is predominantly on their sports styles, their vintage collection has a strong cult following and continues to grow. The vintage clothing is distinctly more refined than their sports gear with Fila producing more contemporary styles for a vintage aesthetic as opposed to the practicality of their more traditional sportswear.


History of Fila

Fila has been delivering sporting goods from 1911 and was founded in Biella, Italy. Founded by the Fila brothers, it originally started out as a clothes manufacturer making clothes for locals in the Italian Alps. Progressing a few decades, the brand moved into sportswear during the 1970s and gained a significant breakthrough with the endorsement of Tennis legend Bjorn Borg. Fila sportswear became popular very quickly and has endorsed and sponsored some of the biggest names across a range of sports. Tennis players Boris Becker and John Isner, Former world heavyweight champion Riddick Bowe and Football teams such as Fiorentina and West Ham to name a few. The Fila brand were bought out in 2007 by the separately licensed brand Fila Korea. This made Fila the largest sportswear company in South Korea, which has helped them gain a strong foothold in Asia.


Products from Fila

Towelling sweatshirts are very much a style with either a love / hate feeling towards them. This can be for many reasons, not being able to find a decent one at a decent price could be a reason. The Fila Cristallo Towelling Sweatshirt in white is one of the more affordable and quality towelling sweatshirts available. The Fila Vintage style is evident within the sweatshirt, and more importantly it feels absolutely like a towelling sweatshirt should feel with a soft construction.