About Farah

Starting in America, Farah are now a popular mens streetwear brand in the United Kingdom, capable of providing menswear for all occasions and blending its Americana roots with the best of British youth culture. Since it’s move over to England Farah tied itself into mod and skinhead culture, never taking itself too seriously but always delivering on style. They haven’t forgot their roots though as they have a classic range of clothing which they produced during their early days, and although the contrast between their modern and their classic ranges are vast, Farah has an all-round thought image for their brand.


History of Farah

In 1910 Farah first opened their doors for business in El Paso, Texas, producing chambray work shirts for the cost of 35 cents. Soon after, they varied their production by manufacturing blue jeans to go with their shirts. As America geared up for war during the early 1940’s, Farah adapted their range of clothing to provide the army with combat trousers and uniforms, putting their civilian apparel literally on the shelf. With their patriotic alliances at the forefront of their minds, Farah seemed a million miles away from their UK revolution. William Farah was adamant that Farah would be exclusive to America and remain an All-American brand – American citizens and American suppliers only to be considered. The British youth culture was something of an eye-opener to Farah, confused to how they were able to adapt their clothing to British culture. It wasn’t long before Farah tapped into the mod/punk culture across the pond and opened their first store in London.


Products of Farah

Since the 1980’s Farah has had a consistent stronghold on the youth of Britain. Fully appealing to those who haven’t reached middle age, Farah’s clothing has been seen everywhere from the clubs to match day terraces. The product that best represents the modern Farah is their polo shirt. Their vintage polo shirts is a great minimalist polo, with long sleeve and short sleeve versions available. Another popular item of their menswear are their shirts. As part of their vintage range their shirts are great for smart casual occasions.