Falcon Enamelware

About Falcon Enamelware

Kitchenware is important, and grabbing yourself a cheap pot and pan won’t always cut it when you’re perfecting your signature dish. Falcon Enamelware has developed its products over the years, producing dishes and bakeware that’s practically indestructible. Fusing porcelain and heavy-gauge steel, Falcon has created cookware that’s chemical-resistant, can’t be burnt, is dishwasher safe and can be used on both gas and electric hobs, making it the ideal choice for the modern man, regardless of his cooking talent.

History of Falcon Enamelware  

It’s a classic kitchen design that everyone’s aware of - the white enamel with the clean blue rim, and it’s been around for so long that it’s hard to know who actually came up with the design in the first place. Well, the answer is Falcon. With a history dating back to the 1920, Falcon Enamelware was founded by entrepreneur Joe Kleiner, who designed each of his products to have different colour combinations, with Britain gaining the classic white and blue design. With its traditional style staying consistent throughout the years Falcon have built up a reputation for a brand that embraces its historic designs, and offers quality, no nonsense products that can be passed on for generations.

Products from Falcon Enamelware

The bake set from Falcon, with its five different sized dishes and clean, minimalistic design, will not only last you forever but blend in easily with any style interior you sit it in. Whether you’re staying in for a home cooked meal, or camping and cooking over an open fire, Falcon mugs and plates are ideal choices, and their lightweight, functional designs makes them easy to use over and over again. Ensure that all of your kitchenware is indestructible, stylish and has a classic historic flair by investing in a bit of Falcon Enamelware, and if you do burn that casserole, do it in style.