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About Eastpak

When it comes to bags, Eastpak are as sturdy as they come, and they’ve put their money where their mouth is by stamping a 30-year warrantee tag on all of their products. Their durability isn’t the only thing they’re known for; great design and great selection are also accredited to their name. Eastpak’s bags carry the same simple aesthetics as their first bags made 60 years ago, and ranking among the most popular bags for travelling, Eastpak’s range of backpacks, shoulder bags and luggage bags are a go-to for all sightseers.


History of Eastpak 

Eastpak began in 1952 under the name of the Eastern Canvas Products Inc., and was primarily formed to make duffle bags and packs for the army. The company’s success was mainly down to the long lasting nature of the bags, allowing Eastern Canvas Products to eventually tap into a new market. 1976 was the year the company transformed into Eastpak, marketing their backpack to college students with great success. The 1980’s saw the advancement of the brand, adapting to the times by introducing bright colours and prints. This oversaw the brand’s evolution from an outdoor brand to an urban lifestyle brand. It wasn’t until 1986 Eastpak expanded into the international market with Asian countries: Japan, Korea, The Philippines and Singapore. This initial success led to their expansion into the European market soon after.


Products from Eastpak

Eastpak’s Into the Out bags are a popular choice, mixing modern necessities like laptop sleeves with nostalgic design. The Sugarbush and Wyoming bags are part of the ‘Into the Out’ range, both displaying Eastpak’s original style. Since Eastpak were the first to produce wheeled luggage for the consumer market, they have carried on developing excellent travel luggage bags. With a double deck compartment with zippered closure and smooth wheeling system, the Travel Transvers Duffle bag has both great functionality and style. A great travellers item is the Eastpak Rusher bag, great for carrying money, passport and other things you would put in your pockets. It’s just a great way to keep your valuables on your person without worrying about something slipping out of your pocket.