About Dickies 

Workwear is going through a revolution in the 21st century, far removed from the labouring connotations and open to interpretation by today’s contemporary market. Dickies are no different from the other workwear brands in this regard, modifying previously working class clothing to cult fashion streetwear. One thing that has been carried over from the Dickies traditional workwear is the durability and comfort. Designed essentially for the hands-on labourer where durability and comfort is a must, Dickies have ensured that their products are versatile enough to be used by the average man as well. 


History of Dickies

Dickies roots start back in the small town of Byran, Texas, where their founders C. N. Williamson and E. E. "Colonel" Dickie began their careers in the "vehicle and harness" business. In 1918 they established the U.S. Overall Company, being re-established as the Williamson-Dickie Manufacturing Company a few years later. By the time World War II had started, Dickies had already gained their reputation of durable garments. This led to the company being mandated to produce uniforms for the armed services. After the war and into the late 1950’s the company expanded into the European market and the Middle East, where Texan oilmen introduced Dickies® workwear to Middle Eastern oil fields. In 1989 Dickies® UK was formed, bringing tough, durable and affordable workwear to the British worker. From its base in Somerset, the brand has continued to develop its range and markets to achieve its current status as the leading workwear manufacturer in the UK.


Products From Dickies

As Dickies has two different types of customers, their range of trousers, shorts. etc, will differ. Their streetwear range has a cleaner design as opposed to the practicality of their workwear. Where a lot of their apparel will have endless pockets, tags and other requirements for a worker, the streetwear has none of those features. Dickies Original 874 work pant is a classic example, losing the excessive pockets and the cargo type features to a simple four pocket style look. This trouser could be considered an appropriate trouser for a dress down Friday in an office or for a great relaxed street style look, work with a great pair of Dr Martens. Dedicating a portion of their business to streetwear, Dickies have also introduced shirts and jackets unfitting with their usual work wear but greatly designed with patterns and concepts for their modern apparel.