About Crosley

Crosley lead the way as the key manufacturers of vinyl players across the world. The resurgence of the retro format has played a key part in Crosley’s popularity in the last few years with major department stores and online stockists keen to get the company on board. If not simply for it’s functionality, the design of their record players is painstakingly well made and impressive with the combination of nostalgic style and modern construction. The brand have modernised the most archaic of technologies, manufacturing new styles of jukeboxes, wall phones and analog radios. Taking feedback in their stride Crosley continue to improve their products for the consumer.


History of Crosley

Crosley released their first turntable in 1992. At this time technology had evolved beyond the vinyl to tapes and CD’s, which led to a great deal of scepticism regarding the re-introduction of a record player. Ultimately, after riding the storm of the new era, vinyl records has made it’s way back as a popular format. With 30 years of experience of modernising the vinyl player, Crosley have the competitive edge over a lot of rivals who now are creating record players.


Products from Crosley

The Crosley record player remains their core product with some styles also incorporating cassette decks and CD players to go with the Crosley turntable in a 3-in-1 device. Including its usb connectivity and built-in speakers Crosley have looked to master 40 years of sound. A key feature of the record player is the casing and being portable. Created inside what looks to be a briefcase Crosley’s Keepsake Turntable is very travel friendly, making it a great option for house parties or the park as well as the home. It’s a requisite with every vinyl player to have a record cleaning kit. Although an additional purchase it’s a necessary one. Vinyls are sensitive and require lots of love, arguably, the reason they have a higher price point than other mediums is because of their unique qualities as absolute vintage gold.