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Crep Protect

About Crep Protect 

Any sneaker head or general shoe fanatic will understand the pain of getting your newest kicks stained or smudged, and although sometimes a simple wipe down with a paper towel will do the job, other times a little more science is necessary. Whether you’re dealing with suede or leather, protection is necessary, and that’s where Crep Protect comes in. Crep Protect uses nano-technology to repel liquids away from shoes, making them bead on the surface of the material rather then soak in and create stains. This means you can give your shoes a quick spray and without any effort protect them from muddy puddles, dropped food, and whatever else occurs on your daily travels. 


History of Crep Protect 

With their nano-technology it’s no wonder that Crep Protect is a fairly modern brand. Staring up in 2012 the company started off small, taking a year to perfect their effective formula before they began to gain recognition for their product. After time however their popularity rose, and they rapidly became recognised as a must have brand for the sneaker heads of the world. In 2015 they even signed with the NBA to release six collaborative team cans, raising their awareness to basketball fans from all over the world. Although they’re still a young company their influence in the world of trainers has been huge, and their breakthrough technology has ensured the protection of shoes from around the world. 


Products from Crep Protect 

With their brand focusing on protective sprays, cleansing wipes and full cleaning kits, Crep Protect are ideal for any type of shoe care. If you’ve got a new pair of trainers and you want to protect them throughout the day, try their ultimate rain and stain spray. It creates an invisible coating that repels liquids and stains, and one quick spray can last up to three months. If it’s too late for the protection spray then Crep Protect also offer cleaning kits and wipes created from natural ingredients to ensure your shoes are cleaned without causing any damage through harsh chemicals. So if your shoes are looking scruffy, then Crep Protect is there to help sort them out.