Clarks Originals

About Clarks 

Selling more than 50 million shoes every year to over 35 countries, Clarks is a brand that’s linked with high quality products and designs you can trust. The historic brand has provided footwear for generations of men and women, and each collection maintains the same clean cuts, hand crafted feel that’s made them the best brand for classic staples. Each pair of shoes is lovingly designed and crafted using the best suede and leather, while every detail is carefully thought out to ensure the end product is light-weight, comfortable and classically stylish. 


History of Clarks 

In 1825 two brothers, Cryrus and James Clark, set up a small shop in Somerset, starting off their footwear journey by selling simple yet finely made sheepskin slippers. Business boomed, and over time Clarks began to expand their stocklist, creating new designs and interpreting classic pieces. When WW1 struck, Clarks took the practical design worn by army officers in Burma and introduced the desert boots, which are still a classic staple to this day, and known as a Clarks original. In the 60s, inspired by the design of the traditional moccasin, Clarks created the unique wallabee shoes, describing them as ‘the most comfortable shoes in the world’ and furthering their reputation as a brand for classic, hard wearing footwear. Over the years Clarks has continued to expand and grow, using modern processes to increase the comfort and durability of their designs, while still maintaining the unique style of their historic creations. 


Products from Clarks 

Getting your hands on some Clarks Originals is essential for building up a staple wardrobe. From classic desert boots that are perfect for smart casual looks, to historic wallabee shoes that effortlessly blend comfort and style together, Clarks provides the perfect men’s footwear for any occasion and style. For shoes that are made from high quality materials, will last for years to come, and provide your feet with long last comfort, take the leap and invest in a pair of Clarks.