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About C6 

Designed and built for the endless supply of modern electronics, C6 products put the ease, practicality and style back into the busy world of tech. With an emphasis on form and simple, yet beautiful, finishes, C6 provides products that protects our everyday devices in a sleek and elegant way. Named after the backbone element carbon and its atomic number 6, C6 maintains strength and durability in their designs by crafting them from military-grade materials, making them essential for the modern man who values accessories with a handsome, streamlined practicality.


History of C6 

This a modern brand for the modern, Macbook Pro toting, generation, and each carefully crafted accessory, from their laptop cases to their tote bags, reveals their knowledge of the most up to date design technology. Over the short period they’ve been on the scene C6 has collaborated with various artists, including graphic style artist Katie Eary, blending their clean, slim line products with unique bold styles, and proving the versatility of their designs. Despite their high tech designs and focus on modern styles, C6 has spent their short time in the fashion field donating a percentage of their sales to eco charities. Through their donations they’ve helped find solutions to issues such as rising CO2 levels and deforestation. 


Products from C6

From minimalistic iPhone cases and canvas bags to carefully created backpacks that bridge the gap between functionality and refinement, C6 offers practical accessories that are made to last. Their clean, slim designs are ideal for the everyday commute to the weekend getaway, and with their hardwearing tote bags, rucksacks, and waterproof laptop cases, there’s a clear link between style as well as functionality. If you’re looking for classic, un-invasive designs that add a level of calm to the rush of the modern world, then C6 is the brand you’ve been looking for.